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World Stamp Websites

  • Algeria Stamps - The Biggest online Shop/Library of Algeria Stamps (791 clicks)
  • American Philatelic Society - Membership of the American Philatelic Society (APS) supports the hobby and brings you the services you need. (853 clicks)
  • ASOFILCA - Oldest philatelic association in Venezuela. Founded back in 1958. (1314 clicks)
  • Australian Stamps Professional - Site of the best-selling Australian magazine, "Australian STAMPS Professional" (ASP). The magazine was launched in June 2007. Web site launched in May 2010. Covers of many issues of this lively magazine are shown on the site, along with contents lists. A (1527 clicks)
  • Blog Filatelico de Costa Rica - Specialized blog about Costa Rica stamps (898 clicks)
  • British Empire & Commonwealth Paquebot Postmarks & Covers - Dedicated page of offers for British Empire and Commonwealth Paquebot (posted at sea) covers and postmarks. (800 clicks)
  • Canadian Stamp Auctions - The prime source of information for Canadian Stamps. This is where you will find the latest news of Stamps in Canada for the collector, hobbyist or dealer. (1029 clicks)
  • Easter Island Stamps Covers and Postcards - View the history of Easter Island through the lens of Stamps, Postcards and covers. (651 clicks)
  • Germany and Colonies Philatelic Society - Since its foundation in 1947, the Germany and Colonies Philatelic Society has grown from a small nucleus of enthusiasts to a Society with a membership from all over the world. (1208 clicks)
  • Giraffe Stamps - A site dedicated to cataloguing all giraffe-related postage stamps ever issued, including scans, history, descriptions, catalogue numbers and values. (834 clicks)
  • Hellenic Philatelic Society of Great Britain (HPS of GB) - The Hellenic Philatelic Society of Great Britain (HPS of GB) exists to encourage the collection of Greek stamps and to promote their study. (988 clicks)
  • New Zealand Post - Apart from stamps of New Zealand, NZ Post also designs and distributes the stamps of Tokelau. (867 clicks)
  • NY 2016 - World Stamp Show - Website for the coming New York 2016 World Stamp Show. (691 clicks)
  • Nyassa Stamps - A site cataloguing all the stamps issued by Nyassa and the Nyassa Company, including scans, descriptions, history, catalogue numbers and values. (948 clicks)
  • Philately News - Busy blog offering news about stamps and new issues from all parts of the world. (1292 clicks)
  • Scouts on Stamps Society International - SOSSI is a nonprofit philatelic organization specializing in the collecting, study, and enjoyment of stamps and other postal items celebrating the global Scouting movement. (875 clicks)
  • Stamp Collecting Blog - Weekly writings about anything concerning worldwide stamps. Over 250 articles with high quality images, and growing each and every week. (2095 clicks)
  • Stamp Exchange Forum - is an online community for stamp collectors to learn about, discuss and trade their stamps. (1030 clicks)
  • Stamp News - Australian Magazine Website - Stamp News Australasia claims to be the world's most exciting stamp magazine... (1122 clicks)
  • Stamps of Ascension Philatelic Country Profile - Ascension is a small isolated island nation in the South Atlantic about 1000 miles away from the African Northwest coast and about 1400 miles from South America. Its land area totals less than 40 square miles with a population of just over 1000. (987 clicks)
  • stu1967 - 64,000 items listed . Mostly Worldwide modern to very recent stamps and sets. Good listings of the main British Commonwealth countries and Europe (813 clicks)
  • The BFPS Philatelic Link Listings - The websites the British Forces Philatelic Service currently links to. (534 clicks)
  • The CartoPhilatelic Society - In 1955 a group of philatelists interested in maps on stamps founded the CartoPhilatelic Society. Today the passion continues for map stamps. Visit as we look forward to the next 50 years! (860 clicks)
  • The Finnish Society for Thematic Philately - The Finnish Society for Thematic Philately was founded in 1954. The aim of the society is to preserve and improve knowledge of thematic philately among its members and promote thematic philately in general. (747 clicks)
  • The King George V Silver Jubilee Stamp Omnibus - Thorough site covering all of the stamps issued in Britain and the British Empire to mark the Silver Jubilee of King George V. (813 clicks)
  • The Rare Withdrawn Tristan da Cunha Relief Stamps from St Helena - See these extremely rare Tristan Relief overprinted stamps as used on a postcard sent by the Governor of St Helena to the Secretary of State for the Colonies in London. (1021 clicks)
  • Thematic Flower Stamps - The world's largest collection of pre-2000 flower stamps (also includes birds, butterflies and Royal Family stamps) (975 clicks)
  • Thematics Queensland - Thematics Queensland is an australian study group which aims to encourage and help everyone who is interested in thematic collecting and exhibiting. (869 clicks)
  • Tristan da Cunha Stamps - Storefront for the stamps, covers, first day covers and postal history of Tristan da Cunha and searches for other British Empire & Commonwealth locations. (1355 clicks)
  • United Nations Postal Administration - UN stamps have illustrated the aims and achievements of the United Nations and its family of organizations. (1541 clicks)
  • Watercraft Philately - Blog featuring worldwide ships on stamps, postcards and watercraft related covers. (980 clicks)

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