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Philatelic Blogs Articles and Websites

  • Elite Stamps - US based online stamp auctions website that aims to highlight the cream of rare stamps and philatelic auctions from around the world. (232 clicks)
  • Tractors on Stamps and Philatelic Covers - A page dedicated to collectors of farm tractors on stamps and covers. (310 clicks)
  • Aerophilately - UK Aerophilately website for airmails, first flights, Concorde covers and many other flown covers etc. (984 clicks)
  • AK Philately - Adrian runs this interesting blog on all things philatelic from around the world. (1469 clicks)
  • British Post & Go Stamps - Trace where any GB Post and Go stamp was issued from. (812 clicks)
  • Civil and Military Censored Postal History - The site hosts a lot of Civil Censorship and Military Mail information mostly related to World War II but adding material from other periods as collectors provide covers to show and as other information comes to hand. (957 clicks)
  • Collect Indian Stamps - Every Indian Stamp has a story to narrate.The rich cultural heritage of India is brought alive through stamps.Stamp collect is no more just a hobby it's an educational avocation.This dedicated site on indian philately will keep you up to date with latest (1041 clicks)
  • Footyphila Plus - Sports philately with an emphasis on football (soccer). (1253 clicks)
  • GB First Day Covers - Search among thousands of British First Day Covers at (1912 clicks)
  • GB Line Engraved Stamps Of Queen Victoria - An online essay with many images discussing the differences between plates and alphabets used on the various GB QV line engraves stamp issues. (1093 clicks)
  • GB Mobile Post Offices - An explanation of Mobile Post Office postmarks from the British Postmark Society website. (1559 clicks)
  • GB Specialised Edward VII Stamp Shades Guide - A very useful visual guide to the various recognised colour shades of the King Edward VII GB stamp issues. (938 clicks)
  • George VI Coronation First Day Covers - Article by Thomas P. Myers discussing1937 King George 6th Coronation FDCs with several photos. (927 clicks)
  • Global Philately - Philatelic blog for all things philatelic, with a focus on the classics of the British Empire and Commonwealth (650 clicks)
  • How to look after your Collection A Basic Guide - Many philatelists understand that they are the guardians of the material in their collections for themselves and for future owners.. (877 clicks)
  • Imperial Airways - Website dedicated to the history of Imperial Airways with many examples of flown covers etc. (912 clicks)
  • Index of GB Machin Definitive Issues at Wikipedia - A simplified listing of the iconic Arnold Machin designed definitive issues in use in Britain since 1967. (3419 clicks)
  • Inland Postal Rates for Great Britain 1765-1880 - A detailed breakdown of postage rates in Great Britain for before and after the introduction of the Uniform Penny Post and postage stamps. (880 clicks)
  • Internet Archive for the Post Offices of Lincolnshire - Detailed historical info about Lincolnshire's Post Offices inc the names of Subpostmaster & mistresses, Receivers and Postmasters plus actual locations and the services provided. (1059 clicks)
  • King George V Silver Jubilee Stamps - The site for those interested in the British Empire stamp issues for the 1935 Silver Jubilee of King George V (1016 clicks)
  • Machin Forum - The place to discuss the definitive stamp. Internet forum focused on the iconic QEII Definitive stamps featuring Arnold Machin's portrait of the Queen. (1922 clicks)
  • Machin Mania a Blog for Collectors of the Iconic Machin Definitive Stamps of Great Britain - An excellent blog for philatelists and collectors interested in the huge and varied field of Britain's Machin definitives. (1560 clicks)
  • Maltese Cross Postmarks - Informative and well illustrated online reference guide to the Maltese Cross postmarks used in victorian Great Britain. (950 clicks)
  • Philatelic Research A Basic Guide - For those at the beginning of a philatelic research project it will be of much value to them and the results of that research, to have a systematic approach. This article attempts to set out some basic concepts that will help the researcher. David R. Beec (871 clicks)
  • Positively Postal - I am so passionate about the postal system that I set up the website Positively Postal... (1081 clicks)
  • Postage Labels UK - A well written and authoritative blog about postage label use in the UK. (2180 clicks)
  • Restoration - How Far? - The following is extracted from a lecture given at the Philatelic Congress 2005 by Professor John C West CBE RDP FRPSL. (893 clicks)
  • Royal Mail Stamps Featuring Living People - Interesting article PDF file by Peter Jennings highlighting the current shambles of this once rigid Royal Mail policy. (679 clicks)
  • Stamp Printers Info - contains original research that is archived regularly by the British Library. Learn here about worldwide printing company histories, view the hundreds of scanned images, consult the extensive bibliographies and read the ever-growing num (894 clicks)
  • Stampex Website - The Competitions at Stampex are held under the auspices of the Association of British Philatelic Societies. (815 clicks)
  • The British Library Philatelic Collections - The British Library Philatelic Collections are the National Philatelic Collections of the United Kingdom. The Collections were established in 1891 with the bequest of the Tapling Collection, and now about 50 important collections or Archives are held, all (1172 clicks)
  • The British Postal Museum and Archive - British postal communications helped to shape the modern world. The British Postal Museum & Archive illuminates the lives of people in the Post Office, the messages carried by Royal Mail, the history we all share. Our history through the post. (853 clicks)
  • The GB 30 Rarities Index from Stanley Gibbons - Launched in 2004 and backdated to 1998, the GB30 Raritites Index is a collection of classic GB stamps that Stanley Gibbons recommend for investment. (897 clicks)
  • The Penny Black - Useful online guide to the penny black and how to identify the various plates, flaws re-rentries etc. (998 clicks)
  • The Penny Black at The National Postal Museum Website - The NPM website offers many images of rare examples of the Penny Black. (1127 clicks)
  • The R M Phillips Collection Online - The astonishing R M Phillips Stamp Collection is available to view online c/o the British Postal Museum & Archive. (786 clicks)
  • The Royal Mail - The website for the Royal Mail which includes an online shop for new and recent GB stamp issues. (735 clicks)
  • The Royal Philatelic Collection - The Royal Philatelic Collection may well be the world's finest and most comprehensive collection of postage stamps of Great Britain. The collection is particularly strong in stamps from the very beginnings of the modern British postal system. (874 clicks)
  • The Whitehaven to Huddersfield TPO - Derwent Railway Society web page about West Cumberland's last Travelling Post Office (TPO) (928 clicks)

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