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  • Squared Circle Postmarks Used at British Rail Stations - A brief overview of the limited number of railway station offices that used squared circle postmarks. (1033 clicks)
  • Index of Post Office Numbers - A comprehensive list of the Post Office numbers used in early British numeral type postmarks and the towns and villages in England that they were allocated to. (4553 clicks)
  • Airport Covers with Postmarks - Postmarks on covers from British airports. (1120 clicks)
  • APO and FPO Military postmarks - Army Post Office (APO) and Field Post Office (FPO) postmarks are popular among military postal historians. (1715 clicks)
  • BFPO Covers and Postmarks - British Forces Post Office (BFPO) covers and postmarks are a popular specialisation among collectors. (1671 clicks)
  • British and Irish Duplex Postmarks - Duplex postmarks usually featured numbers representing post office loacations and form a popular specialisation among postmark and postal history collectors. (2503 clicks)
  • British Exhibition Postmark Auctions - Find GB stamps and covers cancelled with special exhibition postmarks. (1135 clicks)
  • British Postmark Society - The BPS exists to promote and to co-ordinate the study and collection of British postal markings... (2168 clicks)
  • British Squared Circle Postmark Auctions - See live online auctions of British squared circle postmark items. (1461 clicks)
  • British Thimble Postmarks - Browse a comprehensive range of GB town and village thimble postmarks on stamp, piece or cover. (1224 clicks)
  • Colliery Postmarks from the UK - It is believed there are around 73 colliery village post office or sub-post office postmarks known to exist which makes for an interesting specialisation among GB postmark collectors. (1209 clicks)
  • Covers with Windsor Postmarks - Discover those rare Windsor postmarked covers where the seller doesn't appreciate the power of the postmark! (990 clicks)
  • Duplex Postmarks on Postcards - Old postcards can prove to be a rich source of good quality duplex postmarks. (1155 clicks)
  • GB-Precancels - GB Precancels and the T.O. series (1178 clicks)
  • Paquebot Postmarks - Paquebot postmarks are usually applied to letters posted at sea once they come ashore at a port. (1274 clicks)
  • Philatelic Bulletin - You can subscribe to the Philatelic Bulletin at the Royal Mail website to be informed of new first day of issue postmarks, special sponsored postmarks and the latest postmark news. (983 clicks)
  • Railway Sub Office RSO Postmarks - Search for stamps and covers bearing Railway Sub Office (RSO) postmarks. (1424 clicks)
  • Royal Air Force Postmarks - Postmarks featuring RAF Station post offices, airfields and special cancels are widely collected. (1059 clicks)
  • Royal Mail Guide to Postmarking - A handy guide published by Royal Mail which covers special postmarks, first day of issue postmarks and regularly used operational postmarks. (1380 clicks)

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