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GB Postage Due Stamps and Covers

  • GB Mint Postage Due Stamps - Mint postage due stamps issued between 1914 and 1994. The use of postage dues stamps was ceased altogether in 2000. (1115 clicks)
  • GB Postage Due Covers - The use of GB postage due stamps ceased in the UK altogether from 28th January 2000 and since April 1995 they were only used on business mail. This makes the later issues of GB postage dues surprisingly difficult to find used on cover & worth seeking. (982 clicks)
  • GB Used Postage Due Stamps - Used GB postage due stamps can sometimes prove harder to find than mint. This is particularly true of the final 1994 issue as only business mail had PD stamps applied from April 1995 before they ceased use altogether in 2000. (919 clicks)

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