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GB PHQ Cards

  • GB Maximum Cards - Maximum cards are postcards with stamps mounted and postmarked on the picture side of the postcard. Often done with PHQ cards but many interesting alternatives also exist. (979 clicks)
  • GB Mint PHQ Cards - While PHQ cards used with the relevant stamps and cancelled on the first day of issue are popular, many people prefer to collect the mint cards. (1418 clicks)
  • GB PHQ Cards - See GB PHQ cards offered at SC Stamps website. (1290 clicks)
  • GB PHQ Cards First Day Of Issue - PHQ cards are postcards associated with the release of Royal Mail commemorative stamp sets. They show large versions of the stamp designs. People either collect them mint or get them serviced with first day postmarks. Some create 'Maximum cards' by placin (1246 clicks)
  • Royal Mail Website - You can subscribe to buy mint and first day of issue postmarked PHQ cards direct from the Royal Mail using their website. (969 clicks)

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