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Wrong Xmas Postmark Used in Nottingham Mail Centre 29th October

On Monday 28th October the plan was for mail centres to publicise the competition finalist Ava Reynolds from Norwich and, yesterday, Tuesday 29th October the postmark was to be changed to publicise Ethan Mahal from Derby.

Unfortunately it seems things weren't changed in the Nottingham Mail Centre and, as the image shows below, items were still being postmarked for "Ava Reynolds" well after 7pm on 29th October.

Ava Reynolds Xmas postmark error
Image shows Ava Reynolds from Norwich postmark in use in Nottingham Mail Centre on 28th (top) & 29th (2nd & 3rd) October 2013

Although this is not the first of these 24 "one day" postmarks to be used the following day, this particular mistake is a great shame for Ethan in Derby. The Nottingham Mail Centre is very local to him making it highly likely many of Ethan's friends or family have missed the chance to receive letters featuring his achievement.

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Wrong Xmas Postmark Used in Nottingham Mail Centre 29th October

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