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Will Post and Go Stamps Create New Demand for 1984 GB Frama Labels?

The experimental FRAMA label machines were originally trialed in four Post Offices; Cambridge, London, Southampton and Windsor.

The FRAMA label machines accepted coins and printed valid postage labels using red ink on imperforate phosphorised paper featuring a wavy-line design. To start with the machines sold labels for all possible amounts up to 16p (1st Class rate) in halfpenny increments and, later, after postage rates increased two additional FRAMA label values up to 17p were made available.

Apart from the trial FRAMA machines in the four Post offices, labels were made available to collectors in packs at Post office philatelic counters across the country. After August 1984 the trial machines were set to remove all the values containing a halfpenny.

The trial FRAMA machines were removed from service 30th April 1985.

Given the increased interest in postage labels since the introduction of Post and Go stamps and labels (FastStamps) it's possible today's collectors will want to acquire sets of FRAMA labels and first day covers meaning their prices may head up a little soon.

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Will Post and Go Stamps Create New Demand for 1984 GB Frama Labels?

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