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Why Continue With Special Christmas Stamp Issues in Great Britain?

2012 GB Christmas stamps

I doubt I'm the only GB collector who is somewhat tired of our seasonal philatelic offerings coming from Royal Mail but, that said, I don't envy them having to decide on Christmas stamp designs for our multi-cultural times either. If you apparently mustn't display Christian meanings within the designs then you're left with very few options other than the stereotypical images you'd expect to find on cheap supermarket Christmas cards. So have special stamp issues for Christmas had their day now?

Personally I'd like a rethink by Royal Mail. Could our end of year issue not celebrate some real and positive events from the year that has been before? While I wouldn't want to see any more philatelic milking of the Olympics or Diamond Jubilee this year, I can think of many events and anniversaries that occured this year which might merit commemoration on a single stamp making up a "review of the year" special issue.

Great Britain issued it's first Christmas stamps in 1966 so this isn't some hallowed Victorian tradition I'm suggesting is abandoned. Bah humbug!

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Why Continue With Special Christmas Stamp Issues in Great Britain?

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