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What to Buy Stamp Collectors for Christmas?

I try my best to get as many catalogues as possible given as Christmas presents. While the latest editions are rarely cheap, they are an easy gift for loved ones to buy and they really will prove useful to you (and leave us with a few extra pounds to buy more stamps with!).

For GB collectors I really love the SG Concise Catalogue. It isn't so big that you need to do a keep fit course to use it regularly but it has a lot more detail and covers many more important stamp varieties than the basic Collect British Stamps catalogue which I tend to suggest is better as a gift for junior collectors.

For stamp collectors who favour British Empire and British Commonwealth stamps the Stanley Gibbons catalogues are again peerless. They also offer specialised catalogues for many popular British Commonwealth territories for the more specific philatelist.

Take a look at the great range of SG catalogues - along with many other philatelic offerings - in the Stanley Gibbons eBay store.

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What to Buy Stamp Collectors for Christmas?

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