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What Should Postage Stamps Smell Like?

We've all seen those scratch and sniff cards in magazines that promote perfumes or air fresheners but is there really a collectors market for smelly postage stamps? It seems some people think there is.

South Africa have recently issued stamps which, when scratched, radiate the aroma of their finest wines. In Germany they recently issued stamps infused with the fragrance of apples, strawberries, lemons and huckleberries. In 2001 Brazil issued stamps that enabled collectors to wake up and smell the coffee!

If you think the idea sounds a little too unusual for our own Royal Mail then you obviously aren't aware that Britain was a pioneer of the idea when it's first scratch and sniff stamp was issued back in 2001 also. Smelling of eucalyptus, the aroma was infused in to the 2nd Class stamp of that year's Nobel Prize Centenary issue.

2001 GB Nobel Prize Centenary Scratch and Sniff Postage Stamp
The 2nd Class Value of the GB Npnel Prize Centenary Issue changed colour according
to temperature and released the aroma of eucalyptus when scratched

Personally I can't get too excited by the idea of my stamp albums doubling up in the house as air fresheners but that's not to say it will never happen again in Britain if a big company with a deep marketing budget makes the right approach to Royal Mail about a prestige stamp booklet perhaps?

So, eucalyptus aside, if that were to happen what smells would truly represent Great Britain? A regional stamp smelling of scottish heather perhaps? The irresistable aroma of roasted Welsh lamb? (perhaps not, bound to upset some vegetarians), Scotch Whisky? Some of the fine real ales? Take it a step further and how about the smell of stale tobacco smoke to warn our kids about the evils of smoking? How about the lingering stench of pollution to remind us about excessive carbon emissions and global warming? While, frankly, the whole idea of scratch and sniff stamps seems utterly ridiculous to me, I can imagine many of the "Gordon Brown Nanny State Troopers" actually liking the idea of placing gimmicky propoganda on our stamps. Especially as they can get stamp collectors to pay for it!

Wake up and smell the coffee indeed...

Enough said. Let's get back to normal stamps: An Amazing Philately Era: The GB Stamps of King George V

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What Should Postage Stamps Smell Like?

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