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What Does a Philatelist Collect? Think You Know the Answer?

The latest incorrect understanding of philately to reach my inbox is displayed at to the question What does a philatelist collect?. The brief answer provided by this website is "A Philatelist collects stamps". Unfortunately the answer they give is wrong!

For that answer the question might just as easily have been worded; "What does a plumber collect?" or "What does the Secretary of State collect?" because a philatelist is simply a person who studies postage stamps and, perhaps, the associated postal services and markings.

Many philatelists will obviously be stamp collectors too, but not having a stamp collection doesn't stop anyone from being a philatelist.

So what is the correct answer to the question; What does a philatelist collect?

Well there's no one answer. Some philatelists probably collect Kylie Minogue albums. Others might collect speeding tickets and some others probably collect bottles, railway tickets, Marilyn Monroe memorabilia or even stamps.

Think this is a trivial point for me to post about? You may think so, but next time you try to self-diagnose an ailment, get background information for an essay or seek out intelligence on Iraq's WMD capabilities do remember that anyone can publish anything online and there's nobody checking their work for accuracy.

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What Does a Philatelist Collect? Think You Know the Answer?

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