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What Are The Top Stamp Collecting Searches On eBay?

Selctively searching eBay can be a rewarding experience for collectors of GB stamps but the trading website also offers some rich rewards for shrewd traders of philatelic items too. However, to attract the most potential buyers to eBay listings it should be understood how propsective bidders find your items.

Many sellers just seem to expect items to sell with minimal effort or thought on their part and such listings can prove rich pickings for shrewder buyers. However, in reality a little careful thought and planning can increase the views, increase the competition among bidders and increase the prices realised for stamps, covers, collections or whatever.

The single most important thing any seller must think about is the key words or phrases included in an eBay listing title. Not only does a clear and informative heading attract viewers when they read it, but many more viewers will be attracted when they use eBay's own search engine. So the first question I always ask myself when listing items on eBay is what terms would I enter in eBay's search box if I wanted to find this item? As a result I never use frivolous or gimmicky terms like "l@@k" or use multiple "****" in the vain attempt to catch a buyer's eye.

eBay offer a facility for users to check the most popular search terms called "eBay pulse" and, at the time of writing, these are the ten most commonly used search terms on eBay relevant to British stamps and philately in their order of popularity determined by the number of searches made:







7) 2009




So sellers looking to gain the most exposure for their listings on eBay should try to include one of these terms (so long as it's relevant to the item) in the title. Even if your item doesn't apparently merit including one of these popular search terms then, in some cases, it may be worth placing the stamps you want to sell in an old unwanted album for example just so you can include that search term in the listing title.

Most eBay searches only target the listing titles but the facility is also there to search for keywords among the full item descriptions. Knowing this it amazes me how many sellers give only the briefest of descriptions and hope the picture will do the selling for them. While I understand time is an issue, I wouldn't mind betting a lot of sellers would have earned a lot more for their items if they invested a little more time and effort in providing more detailed and accurate descriptions.

Check eBay Pulse for the Great Britain Stamps category on eBay UK.

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What Are The Top Stamp Collecting Searches On eBay?

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