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Two Opinions About Post & Go Stamp Errors

A quick check of the online auctions for Post & Go stamps will reveal a number of listings featuring errors in the formatting, completeness and fonts used when the inkjet ink is applied at the point of sale to confirm the service a Post & Go stamp will be valid for. There are several witness stories circulating about how many of the format errors are largely due to buyers yanking the stamps as they are dispensed or otherwise trying to abuse the machines so, to me, it's no surprise many stamps are appearing for sale with all kinds of text shifts, missing text and strange strip numbers.

Although I have bought and will continue to buy many of the past and current Post & Go issues because I believe they represent the beginning of the obvious future of Postage Stamp evolution, I've stayed away from these so called errors. In my view, and time will tell if I'm correct, a true error will only be recognised when there's a flaw in the actual pre-printed stamp design and not in the inkjet over-printing process. I could go further and suggest stamps with badly formatted printing could even be considered a negative in future on P&G stamps similar to badly centred postage stamps of years gone by. You may ask when bad centering becomes a desirable perf shift but that's another argument for another day!

Plainly one man's meat is another man's poison and I'm just voicing my opinion which readers may disagree with. However, knowing how my inkjet printer regularly misbehaves at home, I really can't see how badly formatted inkjet overprints on otherwise perfect Post & Go stamps will prove all that rare or desirable. When I print a letter that gets badly formatted due to a printer jam I tend to throw it away and start again until I get a proper print to be proud of!

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Two Opinions About Post & Go Stamp Errors

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