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The Tanganyika Army Mutiny 1964 and The BFPO Field Post Office

The Tanganyika Rifles regiment was formed from the two battalions of The King's African Rifles which had previously been raised in the colony. These were formerly known as the 6th (Tanganyika Territory) Battalion which became the 1st Tanganyika Rifles and the 26th (Tanganyika Territory) Battalion which became the 2nd Tanganyika Rifles.

Despite becoming the Tanganyikan military, a large proportion of the regiment's officers were still British, as had long been the case within the King's African Rifles. Following unrest in Zanzibar during January 1964 the regiment's men mutinied. The 1st Battalion seized strategic locations around Dar es Salaam on January 19th and sent their deposed officers to Kenya. On 20th January, the 2nd Battalion joined the mutiny and took control in Tabora. The British High Commissioner was only briefly detained by the mutineers.

After an urgent request from President Nyerere the British government sent the aircraft carrier HMS Centaur from Aden with a force from the garrison there to anchor off Dar es Salaam. On receiving a written request from Nyerere, the British government also sent a company of Royal Marines from 45 Commando. They wasted little time and landed by helicopter in Dar es Salaam on 25th January quickly siezing the barracks of the 1st Battalion Tanganyika Rifles causing many mutineers to surrender without a fight. The 2nd Battalion had not been engaged, but had offered to surrender after hearing of the events in Dar es Salaam and a party of Royal Marines travelled there to secure their barracks the following day.

Within 24 hours of the initial landings, and just a week since the mutiny, the men of the 1st battalion were dismissed and the regiment was effectively disbanded never to be reformed.

Following the union of Tanganyika with Zanzibar to form Tanzania later that year, the previous army was formally disbanded and the Tanzania Peoples Defence Force was formed in September 1964. Despite the mutiny, many of the African officers of the 1st Battalion Tanganyika Rifles, and several of the officers and men of the 2nd Battalion were incorporated into the new Tanzanian force.

Tanganyika British Forces Post Office Address & Field Post Office Postmark 1964

The BFPO 601 postal address was allocated to British Forces in Tanganyika in 1964 and forces mail posted in Tanganyika was serviced by the Field Post Office 1062 postmark.

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The Tanganyika Army Mutiny 1964 and The BFPO Field Post Office

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