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The 2001 PM2 Centenary of Royal Navy Submarine Service Booklet to Reach 100 Soon?

The pick up in demand for this booklet (and the stamps contained) so soon after issue appears to have taken stamp dealers by some considerable degree of surprise and it seems the resulting shortfall in supply available to collectors and investors has quickly driven the value of the booklet up.

2001 GB PM2 Submarines Booklet
The GB 2001 PM2 Submarines Stamp Booklet

From time to time a market shortage of a stamp, cover or booklet not long after its issue results in the retail price ballooning quite quickly before stabilising after a few months and then, perhaps, deflating a little while a true market valuation is determined according to the real level of market forces that come in to play. But this 2001 Submarines booklet has seen a continued steady growth in value even after the initial price spike. This continued growth suggests to me that supplies within the trade have remained somewhat throttled compared to some of the other popular modern stamp issues.

A quick drive-by of some stamp dealer websites before writing this today confirmed the booklet is now being retailed for between £60 and as high as £100. A check today of the fixed price eBay listings saw sellers willing to part with this booklet for between £50 and £70. The cost of the booklet (the face value of the stamps) at the time of issue was just £1.62 which means, even using the lower current eBay seller offers, it is currently trading at around 30 times it's original cost and often more. Not a bad return already inside little more than 8 years but I believe there is further to go for this booklet.

I was buying and selling a few of these submarine booklets for prices fluctuating a little above or below £30 not all that long ago and, having followed the booklet's performance before and since those trades, I'm now very confident this is a collectable item worth buying again and tucking away for a few years.

I have already suggested to a couple of collector friends that they keep checking eBay for Submarine booklets. My personal strategy is to seek out low starting auctions or any under-priced fixed price offers which do happen more often than most people think but they usually get snapped up and vanish quickly.

My personal opinion at the time of publication is that, by buying at a price of around £40 or so on eBay (with a rigid cap of £45), this booklet will prove to be a good buy. Obviously I can't guarantee future profits and I'm certainly not a qualified financial adviser, but this is a confident prediction suggested to readers from someone who has followed this particular issue and has a modest amount of spare cash that I like to flutter on GB stamps. I believe buying at this price will involve a very limited downside risk while I wont be at all surprised to see these same booklets, provided they've been kept in pristine condition, selling for more than £100 on eBay again in the not too distant future.

Check eBay for 2001 Submarine booklet listings

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The 2001 PM2 Centenary of Royal Navy Submarine Service Booklet to Reach 100 Soon?

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