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Stanley Gibbons Offer Victorian Jubilee Gems

Unadopted SG200 GB stamp design offered by Stanley Gibbons

An 1886 2d "Jubilee" green & carmine red. Superb unused (o.g.) example on Crown watermark paper. Reveals an unadopted value tablet with speckled engine turned background. Extremely rare (Wiseman rarity M, one or two copies known) no examples exist in the Royal collection, Phillips collection or NPM collection. For more information see The De La Rue Years (Vol 2) colour plate G & front cover where this example is illustrated. Offered by SG at £12,500

GB SG210 jubilee stamp essay offered by Stanley Gibbons

An 1892 10d Colour trial. Superb unused (o.g.) top marginal example with the head plate in purple and duty plate in blue-green printed on yellow, Crown (Inverted) watermark paper. Scarce. Offered by SG at £6,500

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Stanley Gibbons Offer Victorian Jubilee Gems

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