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Special British Postmarks - Lerwick Up Helly Aa - Shetland Islands Fire Festival

Up Helly Aa Fire Festival Lerwick Postmark
The 2013 Up Helly Aa Postmark design dated 29th January (not to scale)

Here's an advance preview of the postmark used Maximum Card style on a matte finish postcard featuring a shield carried by the fire carrying norse dressed "Guizers" during the celebrations.

Up Helly Aa Fire Festival Postmark Maximum Card
Soay Sheep Post & Go Stamp used on Up Helly Aa Card with special postmark (not to scale)

We chose to use the Soay Sheep Post & Go faststamp as the breed is not just native to the more remote islands of Scotland but, the name Soay itself is derived from the ancient Norse language (meaning Island of Sheep). Being collectors rather than dealers, we're only producing ten of these cards bearing the Post & Go Soay Stamp and Up Helly Aa postmark and any spare examples will be offered to interested collectors online HERE in coming weeks or months.

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Special British Postmarks - Lerwick Up Helly Aa - Shetland Islands Fire Festival

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