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Save Money by Buying Discounted British Postage Stamps

All British stamps marked with decimal values or the "1st" or "2nd" class NVI (no value indicator) are entirely valid for postage in the UK today. The only value that has to be ignored and not counted is the half-pence element of any stamps produced before the use of half pennies was shelved.

Cutting your postage costs by 8, 10 or even 15% can make a huge impact on the bottom line for small businesses (and household budgets at times like Christmas). Online auction traders on sites like eBay and eBid can, for example, offset a significant part of any fees payable on the items they sell by using discounted postage stamps purchased from dealers.

So who sells discounted postage stamps? Here's two GB stamp dealer links to explore: Dauwalders of Salisbury offer GB postage in lots of £50 face value and upwards at a discount of between 8% and 12%. Mark Sargent is another British stamp dealer who sells postally valid stamps at around 85% of their face value.

I also regularly check the online stamp auctions using the search term "Face Value" which often reveals mint GB stamp lots listed at low starting bids, well under face value, and without reserve.

Many traders on the online auction sites like eBay have been bitterly complaining about the impact of site fees on their business profitability for many years and I hope this tip shows how a little shopping around can easily offset a significant part of those costs.

Why Not Offset the Expense of Your eBay Selling Fees?

Anyone selling 100 items per week can easily save at least £200 a year even if every item they sell only weighs enough to pay standard postage rates. For someone selling heavier items, books for example, the saving could well exceed 20p or 30p per item - often more than the eBay selling fees charged!

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Save Money by Buying Discounted British Postage Stamps

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