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Royal Navy Uniforms Featured on New GB Stamp Issue

Three stamps bear the 1st Class NVI (No Value Indicator) for inland postage and three have a 90p value which covers the basic worldwide airmail postage rate.

GB Royal Navy Uniforms Stamps issued 17 September 2009

Each stamp sepcifically features the following uniforms:

1st Class (NVI): Present Day Flight Deck Officer wearing the high visibility clothing in use on the flight decks of today's aircraft carrier warships.

1st Class (NVI): A Captain's uniform from the World War 2 era as worn on Atlantic convoy duty when official uniform was often worn with extra personal clothing layers for warmth.

1st Class (NVI): Features a Second Officer WRNS from the World War 1 era which highlights the, often unsung, service of British women during wartime. The stamp shows a Women’s Royal Navy Service Officer demonstrating the use of a gas mask.

90p - Airmail (worldwide) <20gm: Depicts an Able Seaman in 1880 sporting the traditional standard blue and white uniform for seamen of the time.

90p - Airmail (worldwide) <20gm: Depicts a Royal Marine from 1805. Like today, the Royal Marines served both at sea and on land and the uniform's appearance is similar to the red coated Army uniforms of the period.

90p - Airmail (worldwide) <20gm: Depicts an Admiral in 1795 wearing the classic navy blue and gold braid to signal rank.

GB Royal Navy Uniforms Prestige Stamp Booklet issued 17 September 2009

A prestige booklet priced at £7.93 is also being produced which features four panes:

First Pane: The three 90p stamps against a backdrop that features the Battle of Trafalgar.

Second Pane: Three 1st class Uniforms stamps against a backdrop of gold Officer's rank braid.

Third Pane: Four 17p, two 1p and two 90p stamps featuring an illustration of a Royal Navy Chaplain's stole crown against a naval jacket backdrop.

Fourth Pane: Two of the previously issued 1st Class (NVI) White Ensign stamps plus two of the 1st Class (NVI) Jolly Roger stamps against a backdrop of a submarine and crew.

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Royal Navy Uniforms Featured on New GB Stamp Issue

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