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Royal Mail to Stop Using Counties in UK Postal Addresses

The move is understood to be in response to complaints being made to the postal watchdog Postcomm regarding the use of outdated county names lke North Humberside and Dyfed. Changes are scheduled to take effect from 2013.

Even today the Royal Mail only needs a house number, street and postcode to make a delivery and county names are not strictly necessary.

Royal Mail is required to maintain the PAF database and ensure it is available and affordable for private firms and public bodies who want to send items or carry out market research.

Ian Beesley, chairman of the board that advises Royal Mail on the PAF database, told the Daily Telegraph that county names are now "a kind of vanity attachment". He continued; "People will still use counties, but for postal purposes you don't need it."

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Royal Mail to Stop Using Counties in UK Postal Addresses

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