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Royal Mail Britons of Distinction Stamp Issue

2012 Britons of Distinction Stamps

Technical details:

Stamps Designed by: Purpose
Stamp Size: 35mm x 35mm
Stamps Printed by: Cartor Security Print
Print Process: Lithography
Stamp Perforations: 14.5 x 14.5
Phosphor: All Over
Gum: PVA

Sir Basil Spence stamp Sir Basil Spence
Stamp Value: 1st Class up to 100g

Sir Basil Spence was Knighted for services to architecture, most notably his design work on the new Coventry Cathedral which is featured on the stamp. The new Coventry Cathedral opened to the public in 1962 after the original cathedral was badly bomb damaged during World War II.
Frederick Delius stamp Frederick Delius
Stamp Value: 1st Class up to 100g

Frederick Delius composed many choral and orchestral works. He was born in Yorkshire during 1862 and is perhaps best known for composing English pastoral music.
Mary May Morris stamp Mary "May" Morris
Stamp Value: 1st Class up to 100g

May Morris, daughter of artist William Morris, was a celebrated textile artist and designer best known for her embroidery. The stamp image shows the Orange Tree, a well known design embroidered by May Morris.
Odette Hallowes stamp Odette Hallowes
Stamp Value: 1st Class up to 100g

Odette Hallowes was a french-born British Special Operations Executive (SOE) agent who served in France during World War II. She was eventually captured and survived imprisonment in German concentration camps.
Thomas Newcomen stamp Thomas Newcomen
Stamp Value: 1st Class up to 100g

Thomas Newcomen was an ironmonger, engineer and - more famously - inventor of the atmospheric steam engine which would prove to be a significant development behind the Industrial Revolution. Newcomen's first working steam engine was used at a Staffordshire coalmine in 1712.
Kathleen Ferrier stamp Kathleen Ferrier
Stamp Value: 1st Class up to 100g

Kathleen ferrier was a Lancashire-born singer who achieved international opera and singing stardom. Her career and life was sadly cut short by cancer.
Augustus Pugin stamp Augustus Pugin
Stamp Value: 1st Class up to 100g

Augustus Pugin was an architect, designer and advocate of the Gothic style whose commissions included significant interiors within the Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament). The stamp image depicts an interior view of the Palace of Westminster.
Montague Rhodes James stamp Montague Rhodes James
Stamp Value: 1st Class up to 100g

Montague Rhodes James was a Cambridge academic and ghost stories author. He originally began writing simply to entertain friends.
Alan Turing stamp Alan Turing
Stamp Value: 1st Class up to 100g

Alan Turing was a brilliant mathematician and computer scientist. His code breaking work at Bletchley Park significantly contributed to the success of the Allies in the Second World War. His homosexuality led to a conviction and chemical castration, which almost certainly led to his suicide. UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown later apologised for the treatment of Alan Turing by the nation that owes him so much. The stamp image depicts the Turing designed 'Bombe' code breaking machine used at Bletchley Park.
Joan Mary Fry stamp Joan Mary Fry
Stamp Value: 1st Class up to 100g

Joan Mary Fry was a celebrated Quaker campaigner for peace and social reform. She organised food relief within Germany following World War I and again later in Wales.

Look out for these stamps in the Royal Mail eBay Store where they should be available to buy at face value for several months after issue.

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Royal Mail Britons of Distinction Stamp Issue

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