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In his introduction to the blog Brian says; "This blog is all about Postage Labels in the UK- from the first steps in 1984 to the plans in 2008/9 to roll out 700 Wincor Nixdorf machines that will include the facility to post letters and packets and dispense the first real ‘Postage Labels’ the UK Post Office has issued since 1984."

"I am also including the steps taken to reach this point, including the different types of ‘Horizon’ Labels, the ‘Weigh and Vend’ experiment of 2004 and the close cousins ‘Smartstamps’ .. with which, as you will discover in the not too distant future, a significant amount of convergence will take place."

The subject he covers may sound a little complex to many readers, and in fairness I guess it is, but I believe I share Brian's view that the most likely future direction for commercial postage sales is going to be online and via 'smart' machines that will dispense the correct postage amounts quickly, easily and cost effectively.

While many traditional stamp and postal history collectors may turn their nose up at these modern labels - perhaps put off by the lack of perforations and watermarks - I believe they will eventually prove to be just as important to future postal historians as many of the landmark British postage stamp issues and postmark types that heralded the evolution of past postal mechanisation processes.

I for one will be keeping an eye on the Postage Labels UK website and I've also added Brian's eBay sales page in our philatelic directory.

Brian is one of the very few people currently building up a specialist knowledge of this largely new field in modern philately and, if he can maintain the workload involved in updating his website, future generations of collectors will certainly benefit from his knowledge and highly commendable effort.

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Postage Labels UK - A Blog Worth Following

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