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Post Boxes Miniature Sheet Issue Date 18 August 2009

Thesedays it is estimated that around 100,000 Post Boxes of various types are operating in the UK.

UK Post Boxes Miniature Sheet issue date 18 August 2009
Post Boxes Miniature Sheet - Issue Date 18th August 2009
(picture is not to scale)

The Miniature Sheet Stamps

The 1st Class NVI (no value indicator) stamp depicts an example of a George V Type B Wall Box bearing the royal cypher of King George V. It was made by W T Allen & Co Ltd of London at some time between 1933 and 1936. Today it can be seen in Cookham Rise near Maidenhead.

The 56p value stamp depicts an Edward VII Ludlow Box. This type was first introduced during Queen Victoria's reign around 1887 and is named after the Ludlow foundry where many were manufactured. The example shown on the miniature sheet is located in Bodiam, East Sussex.

The 81p value stamp shows a Victorian Lamp Box which was designed to be mounted on a lamp post, telegraph pole or similar position. The box pictured in the miniature sheet can be found in Hythe, Kent and dates from 1896.

The 90p top value stamp shows a Type A Wall Box from the reign of our current Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. The post box used for the miniature sheet dates from the early 1960s and is located in Slaithwaite a few miles from Huddersfield in West Yorkshire.

The miniature sheet has a face value of £2.66. The Royal Mail are also issuing a "treasures of the archive" prestige stamp booklet (£8.18) the same day which will feature the stamps also along with a presentation pack (£3.20), Stamp Cards (£1.95), Generic sheet (£8.35) and an uncut press sheet of 16 miniature sheets (£55.32). See more information about these issues and First Day Covers in the philately shop section of the Royal Mail website or view the online auctons for other post box stamps and covers.

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Post Boxes Miniature Sheet Issue Date 18 August 2009

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