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Post and Go Stamps: Quickly Identify a Post & Go Stamp's Machine Location

Take a look at this new Post and Go stamp website. While the site wont be offering all the basic information about new issues and values that websites like provide, the fast database search facility makes it a breeze for collectors to trace the office that issued a specific Post and Go stamp. All a collector needs to do is type in a few numbers from any Post and Go stamp and, hey presto, there's the Post Office it was purchased from!

Just as visible plate numbers created a variety of collecting challenges for, otherwise, relatively common Victorian stamps (e.g. plate reconstructions, specific plate printing varieties or just collecting all the plate numbers), it's easy to see how the ability to trace a Post and Go stamp back to it's office and machine of origin will become seen as a challenge for many future British stamp collectors.

I believe many GB collectors have missed the distinct variations in modern stamps that can create a collecting challenge. After all, to stoke up a collector's passion, there has to be more to collecting than just setting up a direct debit! While I acknowledge the Machin definitive series has produced a wealth of variations for specialists, the differences between the stamps are sometimes difficult to see or appreciate (particularly for new collectors). While many people assume cost is the primary reason for Royal Mail's commemorative issues losing their appeal, I suggest the lack of design, printing, colour shade and watermark varieties is also a factor. Where's the collecting challenge in modern commemorative stamps? The odd major error aside, modern printing methods make significant varieties a scarcity. Yet, despite the short time they've been in existance and the relatively low cost involved, anyone taking up the challenge to collect a particular Post & Go stamp issue from every office today wouldn't find it an easy challenge and such a collection can't be built by direct debit.

So, back to the point of the article, I can see this online database of Post & Go locations proving a boon to collectors, not least kiloware sorters!


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Post and Go Stamps: Quickly Identify a Post & Go Stamp's Machine Location

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