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New GB Stamp Error Discovered Affecting Recent Christmas Issue

Madonna & Child Stamp Error

Madonna & Child GB Error Report
Stamp & Coin Mart have now reported this error in their March 2014 issue and we understand the error will also be covered in the next issue of Stamp Magazine

Here is an image showing the normal stamp on the left and the error on the right.

GB Stamp Error

As you can see the blue and black prints are printed as normal but a significant shift of both the magenta and yellow prints has caused some mayhem! One of the most striking effects is the apparent appearance of baby's third arm. Baby has also become very much a "ginger". The Queen's head has taken on a tricolor effect with a narrow white head bookended by a blue and orange versions and it seems as if there are multiple impressions of the NVI indicator etc. In fact, the more you look at the affected stamp the stranger things seem to get (two sets of facial features etc.).

This error has occured on all the stamps on a self-adhesive sheet of 50 printed by De La Rue Security Print in gravure.

Want to buy one? Readers can check for current eBay Offers and a few examples are currently available from Norvic Philatelics.

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New GB Stamp Error Discovered Affecting Recent Christmas Issue

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