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Investors Target Pre-Decimal GB Presentation Packs

1967 EFTA presentation pack

Catalogued by Stanley Gibbons at just £3.50 in their 2012 edition of Collect British Stamps, the 1967 EFTA pack is now changing hands at prices well over £30. Gustamps, a long established stamp dealer based in Brighton, may already appear somewhat optimistic by advertising a buy price as low as £7.10 per pack in the trade press this month.

Strong investor demand is reportedly coming from China and far eastern buyers. Reports in this month's Philatelic Exporter trade magazine are comparing te EFTA pack to the key 1964 Forth Road Bridge pack which retails at more than £300. Around four times more EFTA packs were produced compared to the FRB pack which means, using a simplistic mathemateical multiplier, it could justify a price of around £75 for the EFTA pack in future.

The EFTA pack is currently grabbing most of the attention in the press but I predict interest will quickly spread to a wider number of GB pre-decimal presentation packs. If you have any spare cash to invest then I fancy this tip may perform a whole lot better than my horse in the Derby today!

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Investors Target Pre-Decimal GB Presentation Packs

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