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Error Prone 2004 Crimean War GB Stamps

The Crimean War commemorative stamps were printed by Walsall in litho and discoveries of imperforate sheets occured just days after the stamps were released in October 2004.

Three imperforate sheets of 25 x 57p stamps were found in Buckinghamshire and another imperforate sheet of the 68p stamp was discovered in a northern England post office.

Another week later and another two discoveries came from Grimsby in North-East Lincolnshire. This time it was the 2nd class No Value Indicator (NVI) stamp affected. One sheet was found to be missing phosphor while another lacked phosphor and the dark-grey ink which means the Queen's head and value were missing.

Errors like this are keenly collected and prices reflect the demand. Take a look the current GB stamp error auctions.

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Error Prone 2004 Crimean War GB Stamps

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