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Enter The Dragon Royal Mail Celebrates Chinese New Year on Special Stamp Sheet

Chinese New Year Stamp

Stephen Agar, Royal Mail spokesperson, said: “Royal Mail is delighted to be marking the Lunar New Year with this sheet of stamps, to be part of the celebrations that are held in the UK and worldwide.”

The stamp sheet is available from the Royal Mail Website or the Royal Mail eBay Store.

London’s Chinatown welcomes visitors with dozens of lanterns and a giant banner, while the famous Chinese Arch is the focus for celebrations in Liverpool. Other cities featured include Cardiff, Glasgow and Belfast.

The sheet also features four large illustrations of blue water dragons winding their way around the outside of the sheet; while a further five different dragons illustrate the symbolic elements of Water, Air, Fire, Metal and Earth.

Those born under the sign of the Dragon share many characteristics. They can be innovative, self-assured and enterprising. They are also brave but do have a tendency to show a quick temper.

London boasts one of the oldest Chinese communities in the UK with records showing some of the earliest settlers in Bow, east London.

Today there are significant Chinese communities in cities all across the country, most notably; London; Manchester; Birmingham; Liverpool; Sheffield and Edinburgh – with most featuring a Chinatown - an area rich in Chinese culture and business. The original Chinatown was situated in Liverpool – however this was destroyed during the Second World War.

In 2010, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimated the number of Chinese born residents in the UK at 111,000.

Cantonese is the predominant language spoken by Chinese living in the UK, followed by Mandarin Chinese and Hakka Chinese.

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Enter The Dragon Royal Mail Celebrates Chinese New Year on Special Stamp Sheet

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