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eBay Flash Sale Creates Incredible Stamp Offers

What did I do? I immediately visited the Royal Mail eBay Store and purchased some recent stamp issues at just 80% face value. Not often you can get a deal anything like that from Royal Mail direct!

However, if recent issues aren't your thing, you could have acquired classic line engraved stamps, rare and expensive covers or those pricey mint definitive sets with 20% knocked off the sellers listing price. You could place multiple items from several sellers in your shopping basket until you had qualified for the £20 minimum spend and finished shopping. All you had to do then was enter the flash sale coupon code during Paypal checkout and the discount was applied instantly.

With Paypal and eBay now separate businesses, there appears to be a refreshing change in attitude by the marketplace management toward customers (the fee paying sellers) .

Being selfish about the stamps category, I hope eBay will consider investigating ways to make their commission structure less punishing for the cheaper items associated with stamp collecting (bearing in mind the fixed charge element of the Paypal fee) as these are often the gateway sales for kids and new collectors who will get more serious about the hobby in years to come. With these items either having to be overpriced to afford eBay, Paypal and postage costs or not listed at all, I fear the existing Final Value Fee structure works against the longer term success of the eBay stamps marketplace. Even just scrapping the final value fee charge on the first £1 of any sale could make more products just about viable. Even if they increased the Final Value Fee overall by 0.25% to fund such a change it would still help broaden the product range at the lower end and, probably, renew interest in the 99p start auctions that eBayers used to love when sellers had enough confidence to risk good items at such a low start bid.

Anyway, any initiative to rejuvenate the interest in eBay as great place to trade collectables gets my vote and I will be keeping an eye out for the next flash sale!

Obviously, by their very nature, it isn't easy to tip readers off about future flash sales but we will be looking to use our GB_Stamp twitter feed to get the news out to our followers in future.

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eBay Flash Sale Creates Incredible Stamp Offers

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