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eBay Alternative eBid Reveals Fresh New Look for 2010

Last year we highlighted eBid as a serious alternative - or perhaps a complimentary facility - for collectors and dealers that want to trade their stamps and covers online.

In that previous article we pointed out that a real benefit for users of eBid is the stores they offer to sellers. For a modest lifetime membership fee sellers can operate up to five stores on eBid free of ongoing rental charges. Lifetime members of eBid also receive free basic auction listings on the site and only have to pay small final sales commissions if using additional features in their sales listings.

While eBid can't yet claim to attract anywhere near the level of buyers that eBay does, many sellers now recognise the opportunities afforded by splitting their trading between the two sites. Many now use their eBay listings more as a customer building excercise which justifies the higher fees so that they can market their more cost effective eBid listings to them in future. Many sellers also report that slower moving stock can also be effectively placed on eBid where the regular uploads to Google can attract passing buyers from natural search traffic in addition to those signposted by the sellers own marketing or those already on the eBid site.

The new look eBid website revealed earlier this month is fresh and appealing and the greater use of white space is much kinder to the eye in my opinion than the previous design.

Click to see the new Look eBid Auction Marketplace website
Screenshot of the new look eBid auction trading website

Take a fresh look at eBid

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eBay Alternative eBid Reveals Fresh New Look for 2010

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