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Dinosaurs Released in Great Britain After One Year Delay

2013 GB Stamps featuring Dinosaurs
The Royal Mail 2013 Dinosaurs Issue featuring ten 1st Class GB stamps

This issue should prove a winner for Royal Mail as each of the ten stamps features a different dinosaur which is a popular thematic subject.

Official release date: Thursday 10th October 2013

Dinosaur stamp designs by: Why Not Associates

Dinosaur Illustrations by: John Sibbick

Dinosaur Stamp format: Landscape

Stamp size: 37mm x 27mm (plus potrusions)

Printer & Print Process: Walsall Security Printers using Gravure

Perforations: 13.5 x 14

Phosphor: All over phosphor

Gum: Self Adhesive

Number per sheet: Two panes of 25 per sheet

Royal Mail say that John Sibbick was selected to illustrate the Dinosaur Stamps following the shortlisting of renowned natural history artists once CGI techniques were dismissed as unsuitable. Sibbick's Dinosaur illustrations certainly possess a lifelike quality and the protrusions at the edge of each stamp add to the effect.

The Ten Dinosaurs Featured on the Stamps


Ichthyosaurus - A dinosaur adapted to live in the sea, the Ichthyosaurus still breathed air and gave birth to live young.
Iguanodon - The herbivorous Iguanodon was a dinosaur which walked on all fours but, when running would use only its more powerful hind legs.
Ornithocheirus - This relative lightweight dinosaur flew mainly like a glider by soaring and spiralling. It would catch fish by skimming across the surface of the sea.
Baryonyx - With a name meaning "heavy claw", the thumb claw alone of the Baryonyx dinosaur was longer than 40cm!
Dimorphodon - With its one metre wingspan and two types of teeth, the Dimorphodon was anpother dinosaur to prey upon fish.
Hypsilophodon - The long shins of the Hypsilophodon suggest that a speedy escape was its main means of defence for this dinosaur.
Cetiosaurus - The Cetiosaurus was a dinosaur herbivore thought to weigh as much as 20,000kg, around the same weight as 20 automobiles.
Megalosaurus - The fearsome dinosaur Megalosaurus grew to length of up up to nine metres and preyed upon other Dinosaurs.
Plesiosaurus - With its vast paddles, the Plesiosaurus was another dinosaur believed to have hunted fish and marine prey aided by its ability to move at an estimated 8 KPH.


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Dinosaurs Released in Great Britain After One Year Delay

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