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BFPS Issue Sapper 300 and Battle of Jutland Covers

BFPS Sapper 300 Cover
The BFPS Sapper 300 Cover issued on May 26 2016

On May 26 1716, by Warrant of King George I, the Engineers and the Artillery were placed on separate establishments and the Corps of Engineers came in to being. During the next 300 years British Forces have been able to call on the extraordinary talents of the Royal Engineers to deal with and overcome a wide range of battlefield, logistical and humanitarian challenges. This Sapper 300 cover commemorates the tercentenary of the British Army's Royal Engineers.

BFPS Battle of Jutland Centenary Cover
The BFPS Battle of Jutland Cover issued on May 31 2016

The Battle of Jutland occurred when the British Grand Fleet and the German High Seas Fleet clashed off Denmark on the 31st May 1916 in the North Sea. Upward of 250 ships crewed by 100,000 men took part and the battle would prove to be the only major naval surface engagement of World War I. While the unclear outcome of the action meant both sides could claim victory, Britain would retain control of the North Sea for the remainder of the war.

Both of these BFPS covers feature special Royal Mail "Smilers" Stamps and a limited number of these are also being made available to collectors.

See the BFPS Website for more information, pricing and purchase options.

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BFPS Issue Sapper 300 and Battle of Jutland Covers

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