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Appeal For Information Regarding a Sleaford Postmark Error

The story goes that a double ring c.d.s. handstamp was produced for Sleaford Post Office with the "R" in the town name accidentally reversed. If this is true then this would make for a very dramatic and rare kind of postmark error.

If such a handstamp made it in to use in Sleaford it is hard to believe much time would have passed before someone noticed the mistake and - given the pride for accuracy in the Post Office at the time - withdrew the handstamp from use. As most unremarkable envelopes are discarded as rubbish, it is possible that anyone in possession of this error has a very rare and valuable item indeed.

If anyone can offer more information about this Sleaford postmark error I would be very keen to hear from them. Please email admin[at]

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Appeal For Information Regarding a Sleaford Postmark Error

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